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Previously you'll find specific indicators that politicians throughout the Republican celebration are struggling in the intoxication of an excessive amount victory.

[ˈvɪktərɪ] N → victoria f, triunfo m (about sobre) they celebrated their victory in excess of Arsenal/the Labour Celebration → celebraron su victoria or triunfo sobre el Arsenal/el Partido Laborista

The comparatively uncomplicated military victory created a lot of people ashamed that their country was crushing a weaker neighbor.

Paulo Coelho within the Manuscript Located in Accra proposed victory and defeat are initial fought in the knowing of love, the ache thereof is actually a supply of long term victory and so are of honour and joy, it is actually prompt the aged are mature with enjoy and ache, being aware of both of those is like recognizing victory:

The most recent crop of words and phrases extra to the Collins Dictionary nonetheless includes several objects that could be attributed to this calendar year’s dominant coronavirus information Tale, but there are also words and phrases that have nothing to accomplish with viruses, community health, or epidemiology.

achievements - an event that accomplishes its meant function; "let us call heads successful and tails a failure"; "the election was a impressive achievements for the Whigs"

In the beginning glance, it would be tempting to interpret this extravagant standard of payment as a victory for your after-humble intern.

3 Victory, conquest, triumph seek advice from An effective outcome of the wrestle. Victory indicates the decisive defeat of an opponent in a very contest of any sort: victory Victory165 in battle; a soccer victory.

But a crisis of Management is hanging more than the human body liable for transforming the victory into Long lasting achievement, it has emerged.

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a. The point out or point of having defeated an opponent or of having reached results: troopers entering the city in victory.

Eventually, In addition they concur but only when they have convinced the group's goalie Capt. Hatch (Stallone) to arrange the group's escape throughout the match. The problem is equally Colby and his crew are more enthusiastic about this match than inside their flexibility, so they are hesitant on what they should lastly do...

A teenager who's into tunes, and fashionable issues, but is still concentrated and prosperous. She's self-confident, and functions hard to get what she wishes.

whitewash To forestall the opponents from scoring any points. The thought of “no score” With this informal Americanism is conveyed because of the picture of the whitewashed ‘thoroughly clean, owning no marks’ scoreboard.

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